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Re: Kernel and upgrade question

On Jun 26, Gary L. Dolan wrote
> I run 2.0.27 here, and am thinking about going to .29 or .30. As an avid
> reader of this group, I see occasional problems about the .30 kernel. Also,
> I am bound and
> determined to move to debian 1.3 in the near future (I will be starting a
> new job next week and my time will shrink dramatically.)
> Anyway, my questions.:
> 1) Is there any advantage to going to either .29 or .30 first?


I think 2.0.30 provides SYN cookies which help against the SYN attack
(flooding your computer with requests making it impossible to remote
login, etc.) mostly important for ISPs. I'm running 2.0.30 since a
month or so without any problems: standard setup (IDE disks, PPP,
soundcard, ATAPI cdrom). I read some problems about SCSI devices with
2.0.30 (I think it was Adaptec controllers).

> 2) What is the best order of installing 1.3? I have seen a couple of
> suggestions in this group, and I have the installation suggestions from the
> debian site, and they are not the same.

The debian installation suggestions from the ftp site worked fine for
me.  If you upgrade LaTex to TeTex I would recommend the commandline
method which is proposed by the preinstallation script.



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