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Re: lockd for debian ?

On Jun 24, Markus Diesmann wrote
> I need to export a mail directory from a Debian system to SGI and SUN
> machines.   A few applications expect a lock daemon lockd on the exporting
> system. I seems that there is no such daemon for debian,
> We found an old Linux version 0.4 '95 from Olaf Kirch, but it does not
> seem to work reliable.

Olaf is working on a new kernel-based implementation of some of the NFS
stuff; the package "knfs" in project/experimental has it. I think it
requires 2.1.recent .

If you have the source, you could also recompile the SGI and SUN
applications to use "dotlocking" (the Debian locking mechanism per the
policy manual).

Tevens ben ik van mening dat Nederland overdekt dient te worden.

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