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Re: How does Debian sound?

Will Lowe wrote:
> > * D, like the d in day
> > * e, like the e in pet
> > * b, much softer than the b in bass
> > * i, like see
> > * a, like a in father (american english)
> > * n, like in now
> for me (i'm on the middle atlantic seaboard in the US,
> south of Philadelphia),  it's almost the same.  My "b" is a little harder
> than yours,  and "ian" goes
>         : e as in "see"
>         : an as in "Annie"
>         So it's three syllables,  "Deb'-i-an",  with the accent on the "deb".

Perhaps Ian (or Deb!) would digitize himself saying "Debian" and we 
could put the .wav or .au on the Debian web site?

Jens B. Jorgensen

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