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GCC cross-compilation


Last night I compiled GCC as a crosscompiler for
the Motorola 6811 microcontroller. It occurred to
me that since most of the Debian packages
are also available for m68k and also
Sparc and Alpha now, the develops are probably
using cross-compilation, rather than actually
owning all these machines. Is there a package
for eg the m68k cross compiler? I couldn't
find one with the package search on www.debian.org.

Thinking about it, it would seem possible
to have a gcc-core package which would
include the gcc binary itself for
whatever languages (preferably
C, C++, Objective C and also Ada),
then gcc-architecture binaries
which would contain cc1, assemblers
and linkers and include files
as necessary for each architecture.
Then you could install the core, then
any targets you wanted; typically
i386, m68k, etc.

Is this plausible and/or useful?


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