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Re: How to deliver mail over the modem

On Wed, 18 Jun 1997, Johannes Martinez wrote:

> from my pop account.  How do i get outgoing mail to be delivered when i
> dial up?

   Run "smailconfig" as root and tell it that your ISP is your "smarthost"
when it asks.  It'll then route all mail that it doesn't know anything about
to your ISP.

   If you want to queue mail that is outgoing to your ISP, edit 
/etc/smail/config and add a "queue_only" option to it.  Then in your
/etc/ppp/ip-up file you can add a "/usr/sbin/smail -q" to send out your 
queued mail whenever you're connected to your ISP.  Works slick.

> Do i have to change anything in pines config?

   You might want to have pine put your ISP mail address into messages.  It
won't matter locally and that way everything going out to the net will look
> 	Any info about the best newsfeed program for a slow link?

   You've got basically two choices with Debian.  You can set up "suck"
(love that name!:-) but it requires setting up INN and I found it a bear to
configure; never did get it figured out (let me know if you do, I'd be
interesting in seeing the configs for suck and INN).

   The other option to suck is leafnode.  Leafnode's is much better
documented and is a breeze to set up (no need for INN or other packages,
just leafnode and a newsreader).  If you have any questions about leafnode's
setup, just hollar.

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