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Re: how to change motd ?

On Tue, 17 Jun 1997, Christopher Ray Martin wrote:

> I've noticed that /etc/motd is always replaced by Debian upon bootup. I
> was wondering where it gets the contents which replaces it, and how I can
> stop it from doing that!!

>From /etc/init.d/boot:

---begin /etc/init.d/boot----


# Set EDITMOTD to "no" if you don't want /etc/motd to be editted 
# automatically


# Update /etc/motd.
if [ "$EDITMOTD" != no ]
        uname -a > /tmp/motd
        sed 1d /etc/motd >> /tmp/motd
        mv /tmp/motd /etc/motd


---end /etc/init.d/boot----

Just edit /etc/init.d/boot and set EDITMOTD to "no". Or replace the "if"
part with some code that merges in a fortune cookie or whatever else that
suits you. 

Be careful for the following: /etc/init.d/boot comes with the package
sysvinit. Every time you upgrade or reinstall this package, dpkg will ask
you if you want to replace the existing /etc/init.d/boot with the package
maintainers version. Always install the package maintainers' version of
/etc/init.d/boot, because it is a very non-trivial configuration file and
changes in it between versions are also non-trivial. Just re-adapt the new
/etc/init.d/boot to your wishes.

Have fun,


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