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Simple sendmail question.

     I am looking at setting up setting up several mail hosts.  After 
doing a little reading it looks like sendmail is significantly more 
flexible than smail though possibly a bit more difficult to learn.  
Initially the only need to have a host that will pick up mail if our 
primary server is down or busy then forward it on when the other 
system is back up.  When going thru the sendmailconfig it asks if it 
should accept mail for other hosts by giving their name in this case 
tell it seitz.com .  At that point does it need to be told to forward 
this mail, so that the mail isn't delivered locally, of will it 
automagically forward it?

     Later on, all the interesting little features of sendmail can be 
implemented but at this point that's not necessary.  I really don't 
want to get into one of these deals where I have to learn a bunch of 
different mail systems because one is overkill for a specific task, 
like this.  I'd rather get right at it.

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