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Re: Xemacs wont install

>>>>> "ECL" == Emilio Lopes <Emilio.Lopes@Physik.TU-Muenchen.DE> writes:

>>>>> "CF" == Carl Flippin <krow0612@uia.net> writes:
    CF> When I did my initial debian installation, I chose to install
    CF> emacs ratger that Xemacs because I wasn't sure if I would be
    CF> running Xwindows. Now that I am using Xwindows, I attempted to
    CF> install the

    ECL> The "plain" Emacs (GNU Emacs) works very nice under X
    ECL> windows. Some though prefer XEmacs.

And XEmacs works very well on a console.  It even does colors!

Karl M. Hegbloom <karlheg@inetarena.com>
Portland, OR  USA
Debian GNU 1.3  Linux 2.1.36 AMD K5 PR-133

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