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Re: Rescue disk hurts my ethernet card

On Thu, 12 Jun 1997, Lee Bradshaw wrote:

> I had a similar problem with tcpdump.  After I saw it referenced in a
> message here I decided to see what kind of info it would print out.  The
> info on my card (3C509) looked correct, but after running tcpdump, I
> couldn't connect to any other machines.  The light on my hub indicated
> the card wasn't alive.  Rebooting in win95 :^( and then back into debian
> fixed the problem.

While we are lamenting about the rescue disk nuking ethernet cards,
I had a DLink-250 that the rescue disk would disable (changed the EEPROM
somehow). I forget the exact details but I do know that during boot Linux 
can FRY (permantly harm) those DE-250 cards, it damages the eeprom in some
way that the setup programs will not rewrite it.

I forget what I did to fix it, I think I moved the base address.


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