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Re: dselect corrupted filesystem

On Jun 10, JIM_BURT_at_nass-fx@nass.usda.gov wrote
>During the installation phase, text flew by on my screen, seldom pausing.
>I believe install went well until post-configuration.  As text flew by, I
>saw some "broken pipe" and either "gzip" or "grep" errors, until dselect
>hung on post-configuring xfnt75.
>After dselect installation, "gzip" failed, "grep" failed, "fsck" failed,
>and of course booting now failed.

>At one point, I got a "gzip" off a live RedHat package, then used dpkg 
>to install gzip and grep, but much more was corrupted. 

>With no log of dselect transactions, I can not fully identify how dselect
>corrupted so many files.  So, I give this general message.

IIRC, one of the newer install methods (dpkg-mountable?) now does logging
through script(1).

What do "dpkg --audit" and "dpkg -l | grep -v '^ii'" give?
If they fail too, try to reboot with your rescue disks, mount your normal
system, and try "dpkg --root=/mountpoint --pending --configure".

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