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Re: NIS Problem ... about to be solved? (I hope)

At 05:28 PM 11/06/97 -0400, Pedro I. Sanchez wrote:
>A few days ago I reported the problem of NIS not working in Debian 1.3.
>It still does not work and unfortunately no one seems to have an answer.
>However, I just read the following from H.J. Lu regarding his new
>release (5.4.33) of libc:

Yes, I do agree with you that Debian 1.3 broke NIS - but not the latest
version of disks.  I decided to test the latest disk set 1997-05-30 (I
can't remember the date of the last 1.3 disks) and NIS now works for me -
you must make sure you say No to shadow passwords during the setup as well
(I think it defaults to yes if you press enter).


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