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Re: jdk1.1, jdk1.0.2, javalex and java-cup

> Installed the jdk1.1 packages. I assumed they were mutually exclusive to
> the jdk1.0.2 packages so purged the latter (even though dpkg didn't
> report any conflict). In doing so I also had to purge java-lex and
> java-cup.

jdk1.1 isn't mutually exclusive with the old jdk package, so you can
install both at the same time.  I am planning on renaming the jdk
package (version 1.0.2) to jdk1.0 to reflect that.

Using update-alternatives to change the symlinks pointing to 
java, javac, javah, etc. is a pain though.  And even worse, it's
undocumented.  We need a nice package for switching those
links around.

> Now I can't re-install javalex and java-cup as
> java-virtual-machine and java-common are not provided by the new
> packages. 

Oops, that looks like a bug.  Nobody reported it.  I'll fix that
up this week.

I haven't uploaded newer versions yet - since I don't use them.
I don't know if they work with jdk1.1 or not.

Does anyone else want to take over javalex and java-cup?

> What is the correct combination of packages to install?

If you re-install jdk-common and jdk-static (don't purge jdk1.1-*),
then you should be able to re-install javalex and java-cup.  Hopefully,
they work with both jdk 1.0.2 and jdk 1.1.1 - if not, I'd like to 

Sorry for the inconvenience...


 - Jim

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