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erroneous messages at bootup?

Hi, I recently upgraded several packages to unstable, (probably
a bad idea, but hey, I like living on the edge ;).  Most notably,
I upgraded sysklogd to 1.3-6. Now, when I boot, I get this message:

starting /sbin/syslogd ...
sysklogd: line 21:   451 Interrupt               start-stop-daemon --start --verbose --exec /sbin/syslogd
starting /sbin/klogd ...

(actually, replace that `sysklogd' on the second line with the full
path in the rcN.d directory.. like /etc/rc3.d/20sysklogd ..). 

Whats really odd is that regardless of the message, it starts syslogd
fine. So I'm mostly curious just *why* it dirties up my bootup with
its interrupt messages.

Oh, one more question ..

How do I get diald to hang up after a period of idle connection? I've
had no trouble getting it to dial on demand, but then it just stays
connected, even when I leave the connection idle for long periods.

Would pppd's lcp-echo thing cause it to think the link was active?


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