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StarOffice and Fvwm95

Oh boy.  I've downloaded and installed StarOffice.  I can't believe
they're giving this away.

Anyway, it runs fine.  The only thing is I'm having a difficult time
creating a menu item for fvwm95 minding, though, that it executes
properly when I just type in "swriter3" in an xterm.

The entry in .fvwm95 I'm using looks like all the rest:

            + "StarWriter"                  Exec swriter &

Would someone be so kind as to post their menu entry for any of the
StarOffice products.

Second question:  There don't appear to be any Debian specific Gotchas.
Has anyone run across something that could be hiding in the wings.

Oh yeah.  One other thing.  I'm curious to know if Debian has inquired
with StarDivision regarding distributing StarOffice as a Debian package
and what resulted.


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