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Re: rogers wave cable access....

On Thu, 5 Jun 1997, Colin R. Telmer wrote:

> 2) According to the HOWTO, you need to get winipcfg (or what ever it is
> called the probes the cable modem server for an ip address) to write out
> it's information to file using some switch (specifics listed in HOWTO).
> The HOWTO then goes on to instruct the user to boot to debian using
> loadlin. I don't do this this way and I assume that you can just use lilo
> as long as the partition where the winip output file is stored is
> accessible.

This is a hack to get around the fact that linux did not have a DHCPD
client. There is a debian dhcpcd (client daemon) package in bo, it should
be a matter of installing this package and watching as everything works ;>
At least that is how dhcpd is suppost to work.

> 1) Can one get dhcpcd to probe the server itself? I thought that this
> software basically replicated the winipcfg program.

This is what it was written to do.

> 2) What ethernet driver should I use for a D-LINK 220? NE-2000?

D-Link 220's are PnP NE-2000 clones. If you get isapnptools you should be
able to configure the card in linux and then use the ne driver.


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