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unhosing my compiler

Oh geez... what have I done?  I can't seem to figure out which library
is missing, but if I try to compile, e.g.:

	#include <stdio.h>
	int main() {
	#ifdef __GNUC__
	#ifdef __VERSION__
	        printf("%s\n", __VERSION__);
	        printf("%s\n", "1");

I'll get:

	/tmp/cca027141.o: In function `main':
	/tmp/cca027141.o(.text+0xe): undefined reference to `_stdprintf'

And you can imagine it gets worse for something bigger!  I figured I'd
hosed libc.a or similar?  But it seems to be intact.  I've reinstalled
the gcc from frozen to no avail....  I've also monkeyed with dselect
for an hour or so trying to figure out the glitch
(uninstalling/installing gcc, libc5-dev, libpthreads), but no luck.

Thoughts on unhosing my compiler very welcome...

This is a 1.2.x upgraded to frozen system. gcc  libc5.4.23.


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