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Re: Help me to build a fileserver!!!

>   I want to build a small network using Linux as the fileserver and 
> windows 95 computers as the clients. What I have in mind is something 
> similar to what novell network do, but using Linux in the place of the 
> novell server. I want to be able to map a linux partition in the server 
> to work as a directory in the windows 95 computers. I tried to do that 
> using the tcp/ip protocol but then I got realized that windows 95 do not 
> have a client for UNIX networks using the tcp/ip protocol so, I have 
> been unable to map.  

Actually, you can do everything using TCP/IP - which is what I'd recommend.
 Rather than having the Linux box emulate a Netware server (which I think
is possible, but not sure), set it up with SAMBA.  This will allow peer
sharing just about like things work in a typical Windows workgroup
environment.  There is a HOWTO on this (see /usr/doc/HOWTO or
http://www.li.org/Resources/HOWTO/SMB-HOWTO.html )
>   I heard that Linux can to use  the IPX protocol. I think that maybe I 
> can to configure  Linux to emulate a novell network server and then 
> configure the windows 95 computers as novell network clients. I'm 
> writing this letter because I want to know how to configure Linux as a 
> novell server or any other server that windows 95 has client for. If 
> that is not possible I will appreciate if you email me telling that is 
> not possible. I will also thank any other suggest of how to use Linux as 
> a fileserver for windows 95 computers. The only think I do not want to 
> hear is that I have to open a UNIX shell in the windows computers in 
> order to have access to Linux server. 

As I suggested, don't go the Novell route.  Things'll be *much* easier
using SAMBA.  And, no, you won't require a Linux shell to access things. 
Using SAMBA is pretty much just like sharing between other Win computers in
a workgroup.

>   If you help me to learn how to configure the fileserver with Linux 
> then I will write a howto under the terms of GNU to help others newbies 
> like me to that.

See the HOWTO I mentioned above.  Someone's already done this for you....


Kevin Traas
Systems Analyst
Edmondson Roper CA

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