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Re: Help me to build a fileserver!!!

On Tue, 3 Jun 1997, Eliezer Figueroa Puello wrote:

>   I want to build a small network using Linux as the fileserver and 
> windows 95 computers as the clients. What I have in mind is something 
> similar to what novell network do, but using Linux in the place of the 
> novell server. I want to be able to map a linux partition in the server 
> to work as a directory in the windows 95 computers. I tried to do that 
> using the tcp/ip protocol but then I got realized that windows 95 do not 
> have a client for UNIX networks using the tcp/ip protocol so, I have 
> been unable to map.  

Are you _very_ sure that there exists no nfs client for win95?

Anyway, what you want can be done in other ways, novell/ipx being one of 
them. As I understand you can even have your linux box act as a novell 
server using the mars suite. I have no experience with it though.

I suggest you have a look at the samba suite, which does the SMB protocol 
- the "microsoft networking" protocol. You can mount windows (3.11, 95 
and NT) diskshares on the network on your linux box with
	smbmount //doze-box/sharename /mountpoint -n
and reversely you can export linux filesystems (requires a little setup.) 
Also you can let linux be a "windows-nameserver" and - if I'm 
well-informed - maybe soon there will be support for NT-style 
authentification services.
Printers can be shared both ways as well.

Good luck,


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