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Re: ISP connect doc.

>   Would someone please suggest which doc to read for ISP connection
>   for Debian/Linux?  Thanks!

   Read the ISP-HowTo (or is it ISP-Install-HowTo?!; something like that).
You'll find it in the usual documentation site (check off from
http://www.debian.org).  Once you get it from the documentation site,
check the author's web page from the doc and you can get the absolute
latest version.

>   What are the software packages required for ISP connection setup?

   Well, what do you want to do in the internet?  First, you'll need a
mail reader.  I like Pine, your mileage may vary. :-)  Once you get things
set up, you can add something like fetchpop to automagically grab your
mail from your ISP, but wait until you get things running to play with

   You'll need one of the newsreaders (trn is my favorite, but remember
MPG:-), and you'll need a web browser.  Lynx is a good text-only web
browser, but Mosaic or Netscape is good if you want graphics.  Of course,
an IRC client would be nice for those into chatting.

   Other than that, the big thing is that you'll need PPP compiled into
your kernel and to install the PPP stuff from dselect.  With that and
following the ISP* how-to instructions you'll be all set.  Let me know if
you have any problems, I just recently went through all of the same.

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