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Re: keymapping, consolefont and mc

Markus Schneider wrote:

> > > I am also using bash-2.0, kbd-0.94 and de-latin1.map. I didn't set a
> > > special font. The only thing I had to do for mc to display german
> > > umlauts was to selecet "Full 8 bits" in the options menu under "Display
> > > bits...". If this doesn't do what You want perhaphs selecting "ISO
> > > 8859-1" under the same menu will be.

Hmm, 'Full 8 bits' lets me enter some special chars, but not the correct ones.
'ISO 8859-1' doesn't help at all.

> try putting the following into your ~/.inputrc file (this file is read
> when bash is started)

[--- cut --- ]

I already had these entries in ~/.inputrc, without any effect for the
keyboard mapping and the console font.

> Look at
> /usr/doc/HOWTO/Keyboard-and-Console-HOWTO.gz
> and
> /usr/doc/HOWTO/mini/Key-Setup.gz
> In general /usr/doc/HOWTO/German-HOWTO.gz is useful for dealing with
> german umlauts.

In the keyboard-HowTo I learned about 'unicode' charsets. Though I didn't
fully understand what this means (yet ;-), I tried to load some other

After all, 'loadkeys de-latin1' and 'setfont lat1u-16' did what I wanted
(german umlauts and correct box borders for mc). I really can't understand
why you don't have to do this or something equivalent (or why I have to do

Where do I have to insert the setfont command in the startup scripts?
Immediately following the loadkeys statement?

Thank you for your help,



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