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Re: shadow-login -> shadow: how?

On Jun 1, Karl M. Hegbloom wrote
>I installed the shadow stuff from experimental a while back, and now I'd
>like to move to the newer shadow suite with 1.3.  When I `dpkg -i` it
>though, `dpkg` tells me that shadow-login is essential, and won't let the
>upgrade happen.

I had this to, but I don't recall precisely how I solved it.  From dpkg's
--help and --force-helps, I gather that it would be something like
	dpkg --force-remove-essential --auto-deconfigure -i newloginpackage.deb
should work; if not, you'd have to break this up in two steps (first
--force-remove-essential --remove shadowlogin, then _in the same session_ -i
the new login package).

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