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Re: Debian quality

On Jun 1, stephen farrell wrote
> Perhaps I didn't set up shadow stuff correctly?  I kind of stumbled
> upon it: I noticed references to it, and I typed pwconv (which I
> recognized from my solaris systems) and things seemed to work pretty
> happily (except xlock), so I figured that this was it.  Is there a
> "convert me to shadow" jobber I might not have noticed?

Oh. That's the reason. You're supposed to turn on shadow passwords using
the shadowconfig command. Maybe that should be better documented. You
probably want to do a "shadowconfig on" since it does a few more things
than just running "pwconv". (Take a look at it if you want, it's just a
simple shell script.) For more details, read /usr/doc/passwd/README.debian.gz

> thanks (and sorry for the newbieness--I've just been running debian
> for like a week now).

No problem! And newbieness is fully allowed on debian-user, no need to
excuse yourself.


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