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Re: Printing via TCP

On Sat, 31 May 1997, Kevin Hilman wrote:

> Bob Nielsen <nielsen@primenet.com> writes:
> >  Where "office" is an entry in /etc/hosts for the other machine with
> > the attached printer.
> >
> Thanks for the suggestion, but by problem is for a printer that is not
> "attached" to any machine.  It's only attached the LAN via ethernet.
> I need a utility (like 'prtcp') that sends files to a printer attached
> to the network only by ethernet, not through a parallel port.
> Kevin Hilman -- khilman@ee.washington.edu                        


I'm using a standalone Lantronix print server that supports several
protocols: IPX, appletalk, tcp/ip and whatever DEC uses, I can't recall.
With each protocol it has has its own network number

I use lpr with the tcp protocol and a printcap that specifies

eps_prt|Dept laser printer NAME:\
        :rg=mygroup:\  # prevents unauthorized access
        :rp=NAME_:\    # NAME_ must be in /etc/hosts with ip number

To print a file, I say:

	lpr -PNAME_ file_name

You will need to do some reading in your manual for your printserver,
and some of the HOWTO documents.  I can't help with other protocols.


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