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Re: net-acct and a ppp dial-in server

>I've been trying to get nacctd to work with a dial-in server.
>To get traffic figures per user I need to create lookup files in
>/var/run, each one is named with the remote IP and contains the
>username of whoever is using that address.

Unless the code has been patched I wouldn't bother with this.  We went and
set all this up quite a while ago (as far as I know nothing has been added
to this program for *well* over a year though I haven't looked recently)
and found that the code in nacctd was buggy.

I didn't seem to update the mapping between users and the dynamic IP number
so it became all but useless.  If you give out static IP#'s it *should*
work okay but I'm not positive.

You should be able to do everything you want (ie. monitor per user volume)
with ipfwadm installed in the kernel though I'm not sure exactly how.


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