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Network mounting problems

Hello All:

I have been running into a vexing problem with a cluster of 8 Debian
machines I am using for a Course in Computational Physics.

All of the machines are running Debian 1.2 as installed in December 1996.
I have not wanted to do much upgrading during the course of the semester.
so students can log into any one of the machines and find their data

The problem is that if the systems are left to run for an extended period
of time (over a week usually but as little as a few days even!) the /home
directory becomes inaccessible at login even though the df command shows
it to be mounted.  This causes a great deal of problems and means that I
have to reboot the machines regularly.  It also means that if I am not
around people start to complain.  As a side note, the server is usually
quite stable and stays up for many weeks at a time. Just the other
machines need to be rebooted because of this problem. The kernel version
is 2.0.27.

Any help would be appreciated!


    *                            Carlo U. Segre                           *
    *      Department of Biological, Chemical and Physical Sciences       *
    *        Illinois Institute of Technology, Chicago, IL 60616          *
    *   Voice: (312) 567-3498                      FAX: (312) 567-3494    *
    *                            segre@iit.edu                            *

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