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Re: Need Help with Ensoniq Soundscape VIVO90

Steve Martin wrote:
> rick wrote:
> Help:
> I have a new gw2k PP200 system with a (gw2k) Ensoniq Soundscape VIVO90
> (PnP) sound card. What do I need to do to configure my kernel to support
> this card? I am using the 2.0.30 kernel pkg.
> Do I need to use isapnptools, (if so how)?
> Looking at the bios setup it looks like PnP configuration is setup to be
> configured by OS software (win95), but there is another option that cam
> be selected. I do not want to make any changes that will break the sound
> support under win95 as I sometimes am forced to use it.

I have the exact same card. In my setup, my BIOS is also PNP aware,
and actually the BIOS sets up the card. All I had to do was look
at the device resources in Win95 to find out what IRQs, IO, and such
were in use, and then set the parameters in my kernel config (I
don't use a loadable module). There's support for the Enson. soundscape.
Works like a charm.

Jens B. Jorgensen

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