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Re: sysklogd dumps core

Victor Torrico wrote:
> Alex Romosan wrote:
> >
> > i think the problem is with the latest dpkg packages ( i've
> > downgraded to from unstable and it works fine. it seemed to
> > have worked fine up until but i could be wrong.
> >
> > --alex--
> >
> You hit the nail on the head and fixed my problem.  I was using dpkg
> ( and this was causing the problem.  I purged and reinstalled
> sysklogd (-15 package) using dpkg ( and all was well. No more
> core dumps and segmentation faults.  Thanks bunches!
> Cheers,
> Victor

The new dpkg ( seems to have corrected the problem.  sysklogd
package works fine now after I purged and reinstalled it using dpkg
( Haven't used all the functions of this new dpkg yet so don't
know how well it works.


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