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Re: procmail / smail problem

Wieboldt, David wrote:
> It has been quite a chore getting procmail to run at all here.  No
> success
> at all with the .forward hack; any time it is run, the mail goes to
> "nobody."  Anyway I managed to get procmail running after finding a clue
> and hacking /etc/smail/transports like this:
> # This is the Smail transports file, which gives details of how ...
> # It was originally generated by `smailconfig', part of the Smail
> package
> # distributed with Debian, but it may edited by the mail system
> administrator.
> # Hacked 5 May 97: redid "local"
> local:  from, local, inet, return_path, driver=pipe; user=root,
>         cmd="/usr/bin/procmail -d $($user$)"
> smtp:   uux:    pipe:   file:   (all unchanged)
> At this point the hope is that I replaced my local delivery agent with
> procmail.  Therefore, according to TFM, it should run if the user has a
> .procmailrc file.  Those look like this:
> #Set on when debugging
> #Replace 'mail' with your mail dir
> #directory for storing procmail log and rc files
> PMDIR=$HOME/.procmail
> INCLUDERC=$PMDIR/rc.filter
> Now that is well and good, but it does not run!  Mail gets forwarded by
> procmail to the user's account just fine, but the user's recipie does
> not
> get executed.
> Additionally, any attempt to run procmail with -m (filter mode) simply
> hangs up and does not run.  I suspect more smail hacking is in order.
> Does anybody have a clue?

Just a guess, but instead of 

local:  from, local, inet, return_path, driver=pipe; user=root,
        cmd="/usr/bin/procmail -d $($user$)"

how about

local:  from, local, inet, return_path, driver=pipe; user=$user$,
        cmd="/usr/bin/procmail -d $($user$)"

otherwise will procmail really know whose recipie to run?

Jens B. Jorgensen

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