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Re: .gif rot

On Tue, 6 May 1997, Ralph Winslow wrote:

> After X has run for awhile, I notice a substantial degradation in the
> quality of the .gif images that I display.  There might also be a bit of
> decline iin the image quality of the .jpg images as well.  I've decided
> to spring for the $20 that another Mb of Vidcard memory will set me
> back, but should I expect it to help, or is there some other path I
> might check out?  TIA for any clue.

 Well, as has been pointed out, you can run programs with an option to
install a private colormap (e.g. '-install' for Netscape, '-colormap 
Private' for ImageMagick) and you won't see this effect, but your colors 
will do psychedelic changes when you switch between applications.

 I personally sprang for the extra Mb and run in 16bpp now. It's very 
nice, and .jpg images are more colorful, too. (GIFs only hold 8 bits of 
color information - JPGs hold a lot more, 24 bits or more. So if you can 
display more than 256 colors they often look noticeably better.) My video 
card (Diamond Stealth 64 Trio64) also got noticeably faster, though this 
wasn't an outrageous improvement.


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