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Re: NEED info concerning "US Robotics" modem

> recently I read some warnings concerning hardware components which
> were desighned for Windows 95. Unfortunately I found that the cheapest 
> modem avialable here is such one :(
> ( US Robotics Sportster 14.4 Faxmodem Internal V.32 bis with V.42 bis)
> Now I need to know whether it will work fine under Debian or it is better
> to use something else.

Just make sure you don't get a "WinModem".  Those things are "junk".  

i.e. you're safe going with external anytime.  Also, BTW, I'm using many
USR Sportster 33.6 Ext. Faxmodems under mgetty.  They work great!!!! 
Terminal and PPP auto-sensing connections works like a charm and was really
easy to get going.  (Thanks to Tim Sailer and http://www.buoy.com/isp )


Kevin Traas
Systems Analyst
Edmondson Roper CA

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