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Re: Colors and Packages overview

Richard Kilgore wrote:
> On Apr 30, Jim Smith wrote
> >alfred de Groot wrote:
> >> 
> >> Recently I switched from Slackware to Debian. What I miss are the colors
> >> wich indicates directorys and other special files. How can I get those
> >> colors back?
> >
> >Try "alias ls=ls -color=auto" in your .bashrc.
> >
> You may also need to fiddle with /usr/lib/X11/app-defaults/XTerm[-color]
> to get colors in an xterm.  The color assignments are in
> XTerm-color, and I've never figured out how this file ever gets
> sourced.  I always just rename XTerm to XTerm-nocolor, create a
> soft link from XTerm to XTerm-color, and change the "#include"
> line in XTerm-color to include XTerm-nocolor.  Then, I think you
> have to invoke the xterm command with the "+cm" options.

Just add

	*customization: -color

in your .Xresources (maybe .Xdefaults) or better add it to system wide
Then all app-defaults files ending with -color will be used instead of the
standard ones.


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