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Re: NIS problem, please Help

According to Richard Zoni:
> Hello,
> here at the CS students lab of the University of Bologna  we have 
> a debian linux NIS server running on a 166Mhz Pentium with 64Mb,
> it serves a cluster of 20 debian linux boxes.
> We are having some problems with the NIS:
> 	1. Our ypserv is consuming up to 90% CPU time, 
> 	   We have very big maps (600 lines in passwd 
> 	   and 2 hundreds more in group)
> 	   is it normal?

No, we have 1500 people in our passwd file and NIS isn't consuming any
time at all. HOWEVER, you might have a lot of people in additional groups-
you say that your groups file is 200 lines. The Unix initgroups(2) operation
is very "expensive", especially over NIS. You might want to turn it off wherever
possible, for example in sendmail.

> 	2. If we stop nis and we restart it
> 	   we have this messages from Cron  at run
> 	   yp_next: clnt_call: RPC: Timed out

It's a debug message from libc5, stating that it can't reach the NIS
server. Cron does a lot of getwpnam() etc.

> 	3. filesystems exported to netgoups are not
> 	   trusted (permission denied)
> 	   the save is for netgroups in 
> 	   hosts.{allow,deny,equiv}

libc5 and/or Linux nfsd doesn't support NIS netgroups AFAIK.

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