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basket weaving looks better every day! (fwd)

I thought I would post a different perspective on my current boot problem.
I hope somebody out there in debian land can help me.

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Date: Fri, 18 Apr 97 13:39 EDT
From: Kirk Reiser <kirk@braille.uwo.ca>
To: paul@braille.uwo.ca
Subject: basket weaving looks better every day! 

Hello Mark:

I am sorry to bother you.  I imagine as the main IDE kinda guy you're
kept pretty busy answering stupid questions like the one I'm about to
ask.  Unfortunately, I have run out of places to look for an answer,
or at least one I can groc!  So yo're sort of the IDE god.  It's a
tough life being a god! :)

Ok, all seriousness aside, do you have any experience with the Fujitsu
M1638TAU?  It's a 2.57 Gbyte IDE drive.  I get a whole bunch of drive
errors when trying to use it.  The status errors change constantly so
I can't duplicate them all here but some of the errors look like

hda: irq timed out status=0xd0 {busy}
ide0: reset timed out status 0xd0
hda: drive not ready

Now for the background, I have custom built a 2.0.30 linux kernel.
The chip set is a Triton PIIX PCI mother board.  It is a 100mhz
pentium processor.  I have tried boot flags like ide0=autotune and
hda=autotune and idebus=33.  I have compiled in the PIIX kernel flags
and the like.  I have also tried this system with the Fujitsu 2.1
Gbyte drive and that works fine.  Unfortunately, the person I am
building this for has purchased the M1638TAU.

I am afraid I am at a bit of a loss for just what to do next.  As far
as I can tell, I have done everything correctly.  The system also has
a connor 1.2 Gbyte drive on hdc as a primary controller and a cd-rom
on IDE1 as a slave.  I originally had the Connor on ide0 as a slave
but your ide.txt recomended putting any other drives on separate ides.
The Connor is going to be for windows 95 so it really doesn't have
anything to do with the standard setup.  Just as a note of interest
though.  Windows 95 has no trouble with the Fujitsu drive.

Any light you might be able to shed on this would certainly be
appreciated.  If I have neglected to include some relevent
information, I apologize.  Just let me know and I'll forward it to


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