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Re: Again - Multilink PPP vs. EQL

> > After burrowing around some, I finally found some info and docs on EQL;
> > however, Multilink PPP is mentioned as a newer, and improved alternative.
> > Unfortunately, I can't find any info on Multilink PPP in the HowTo's,
> etc.
> > 
> > Can anyone point me in the right direction?  Or, is it not yet available
> on
> > the Linux platform?

I thought mutlilink PPP was something only available for ISDN?  If i'm
incorrect, someone correct me.

By the way, Kevin -- what docs have you found on eql?  Do you know if one
has to use eql_enslave to enslave links, and if so, is the latest
eql_enslave the one stored inside one of old eql patches on

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