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Re: more nis problems

In article <[🔎] ML-3.3.861303188.1051.cookson@geeky>,
Dean B. Cookson <cookson@linus.mitre.org> wrote:
>Is it my imagination, or does the NIS included with Debian not pay any
>attention to the services map?  I've got an application (DQS from FSU)
>that won't run on a Debian box running NIS because it can't find the 
>services entry that's in the database, but runs just fine on a RedHat
>box using NYS...
>Is there an NYS.deb out there somewhere?

No, Debian uses the standard libc5 NIS, while RedHat uses a diffently
compiled libc5 with NYS support. Note the difference (NIS - NYS).

After 1.3 is released, all packages will be converted to GNU libc (libc6).
GNU libc has proper and complete NIS (and soon NIS+) support. The NIS
code is based on libc5 NYS but is even more complete.

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