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Re: more nis problems

> My nis server crashed yesterday.  I have re-set it up, following the
> nis.debian.howto documantation, re-added my users, and ran make in the
> /var/yp directory. Yet when a user tries to login from the client machine,
> they get this error:
> YPBINDPROC_DOMAIN: No bound server for domain <my_domain>
> How do I bind a server to <my_domain>?
> I have tried telling the client who its master is, according to
> nis.debian.howto.  The file says to add a list of servers after the call
> to ypbind, like this:
> ypbind -S nisserver

The -S switch just restricts what servers the ypbind is allowed to connect
to.  What happens is that ypbind asks the rpc mechanism to send out a
broadcast to see what servers are running the ypserv process.  Then ypbind
will reject any servers that aren't in the list specified by the -S 
switch.  I think you need something more like -S <my_domain),nisserver if
you want to do this.

However, it seems that ypbind can't find a server in your case.  I have
similar problems here.  The solution (in my case) is to run ypbind with 
the -ypsetme flag, and then use ypset to bind it to the server you want.

Here are the lines from my /etc/init.d/nis file:

start-stop-daemon --start --quiet --exec ${NET}/ypbind -- -ypsetme
/usr/sbin/ypset fleming

I don't know if this is the correct way to do things -- but I've found nis
to be very frustrating, and at least this seems to work a bit.


 - Jim


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