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NFS and debian packaging system

I've to install debian linux in 4 PCs here at the university (now they
have an old slackware). My idea was to have one of them to export users
and their directories plus a directory with apps not in the debian
distribution (a sort of non-local). Up to here no problems arise.
But I'd like also to share man pages, info files and documentation
across the 4 systems but that will break the packaging handling of
Debian (ex. removing a package in one PC will remouve all the
documentation  and help on the others), is there a work-around?
In particular is there a way to inform the debian packaging system of
shared files ? 

Also is there a method to install part of a Debian package in a
different directory? (I think the only one is to modify packages by

Even if it is complex it would be nice if future versions of Debian
would permit such kind of installation or have tools to permit it.

					Simone Portuesi

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