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Re: Bo Package List

On Tue, 15 Apr 1997, Rick wrote:

> I assume that the unstable dir was removed since bo is no longer conciderred
> unstable.  
> What's up with the packages file pointing to unstable?
There's some problem, apparently.

> How is it that others are installing bo and not run accross this yet?

Yes, others have run accross this. This bug is reported (in section 
ftp.debian.org). I saw that because I wanted to report it too.

The solution I found is using 
 sed -e '/unstable/s//frozen/' Packages.frozen > Packages.f;
        mv Packages.f Packages.frozen 

just after downloading the package list. (Before dselect reads it !).

I used this only at installation time, but it worked perfectly.

Hope this helps,


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