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Adam Shand writes:
> This is *just* to get newbies installed and working.  I'd do something
> like have 3 options.  A developement box (nothing but baisc utilities and
> compilers),...

How many newbies are going to want this?

> ...a network box (basic utilities and networking stuff, including
> prefered MTA and MUA etc) ...

Since you left out X, I assume that this box is meant as a network server.
For a newbie?

> ...and a full install ( the two before plus X windows).

Thus the the true newbie, who wants most of all to dial up her ISP and use
her browser, is forced to do a full install.

I suggest:

1) Basic Unix, with enough dev stuff to compile a kernel.  *No* networking.

2) 1), plus basic networking (MTA & MUA, but no servers).

3) 1), plus X.

4) 2), plus X.
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