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Wichert Akkerman writes:
[snip for brevity]
> Here's a simple one: the ability to create a tagfile. We had to install
> 25 Linux machines here a while ago and it is a pain to select to same
> package every time in dpkg. I would like to be table to create a file
> with a list of packages I want to install and then tell dselect on 
> another machine to use a specific tagfile and go from there.

I envision a dual install system. Dselect would remain, and a new "deity"
would incorporate the desired functionality. I agree with the above. And take
it one step further, Instead of giving "dpkg" a carte blanc install
instruction, use the "ordered by dependency" tag list and spoon feed "dpkg"
each install sequence. Doing this method would accomplish 1) "correct the
first time" installation (asuming the developers are keeping the dependencies
current) _and_ 2) it should shorten the installation time since only the
affected packages would be involved.

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