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Re: MIT-Scheme 7.4.n

>>>>>>>> On Mon, 14 Apr 1997, Karl wrote:

 Karl> I was thinking about trying to do my first Debian package, of
 Karl> MIT-Scheme. I've found it to be the best scheme interpretter
 Karl> out there for a person who is just beginning to learn the
 Karl> language, since it's the one many of the Scheme textbooks
 Karl> assume you have. And, I like its interface to the emacsen best.
 Karl> <URL:http://www.swiss.ai.mit.edu/scheme-home.html>
 Karl> When I went to ftp it, I found that they release a binary kit
 Karl> that has an installer script. It worked on the first try, and I
 Karl> was entering Scheme expressions in an editor window less than
 Karl> 5 minutes after the download! So a package isn't *required* to
 Karl> run this and get started with it.
 Karl> I would be nice to have the info's installed, and a simple
 Karl> upgrade path. A menu to launch `edwin`, or to `gnuclient
 Karl> '(run-scheme)'` maybe?
 Karl> After thinking about it a while; or trying to; I realize that I
 Karl> honestly don't know enough about Linux and Debian to be able to
 Karl> make a package. Back to my reading, folks. :-)

I planed of packaging mit-scheme too. Please decide whether your are
going to pkg it and let me know.

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Hebrew University Jerusalem            home: +972 2 6411880

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