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Hi all,

Since the gentleman requested, and will soon be deluged with mail, I decided to get my two cents
in early.  

1.  Please include a download status indicator.  i.e. time remaining.  I am using a link that only lasts
three hours, and then shuts down.  An indication of how much time is needed/remains would give
me a guide as to which order I want to grab packages.

2.  I know there has been much traffic about the interface, but I think the best I've seen for this 
type of material is a nested list of packages.  Start the top with all packages, then go to stable, 
contrib, non-free...  After that break them down by group, i.e. admin, base, ...  The thread that
could tie all of these together is the ability to make some of these disapear.  For Example:

-All Packages






Now all that is needed is a keystroke sequence to open and close the catagories.  The closest 
piece of software out now that would be similar is the Netscape News Window.

The scrolling through dselect can be tiring. I agree that dselect is the greatest tool for software 
management I have seen, but there should be a way to condense the number of packages displayed 
on the screen at any one time.  This can avoid information overload, which IMHO is dselect's

I'm not sure of the best way to arrange the dependencies.  Maybe a toggle to arrange packages by
dependencies or catagory.

I hope this has been helpful and not a waste of bandwidth.


"Change is inevitable, except from a vending machine."

Rob MacWilliams   robmacw@cl-sys.com

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