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Re: deity mailing list

On Mon, 14 Apr 1997, Martin Schulze wrote:

> On Apr 14, Ryan Shaw wrote
> > the poster also mentioned a mailing list to discuss to new program and
> > its development.  however, upon browsing www.debian.org i couldn't find
> > any mention of the new list.
> > 
> > could someone point me in the right direction and/or perhaps validate
> > the claims made by the poster in c.o.l.m?
> send a message to debian-dummy@lists.debian.org and you'll receive 
> list of valid adresses - containing deite I suppose.

That mailing list exists for the members of the deity team.  Other debian
users are welcome to post to it, but it is not open for subscription.  We
should be hearing about progress on the project from Brian White, who is
leading that project.


Pete Templin, Debian List Administrator  listmaster@lists.debian.org

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