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Re: 'Frozen' boot disks

On Apr 14, Richard L Shepherd wrote

> > 4/6/97 I put a copy at ftp.greenbush.com, look in /pub/bodisks. The files
> > are dated by time of transfer, but they are the 4/4 set.
> > 
> > > I have the same problem.  I had thought it may be because I mirror a
> > > mirror (which in turn may not directly mirror ftp.debian.org) and so my
> > > mirror was effectively a few days behind.  However I just checked on
> > > ftp.debian.org and it really is empty so....
> > > 
> > > Where are they then?
> So my next question then is: is not ftp.debian.org the authoritative
> source for the Debian Distribution?  i.e. I seek to maintain a mirror of
> ftp.debian.org thinking that this will ensure I have an up-to-date Debian
> Distribution for my linux fans.  Am I doing the right thing?

You're quite corerct.  ftp.debian.org is the authoritative Debian
mirror for users. (for developers and ftp.debian.org there is also
master.debian.org, but that doesn't matter).  Unfortunately at this
moment our incoming directory isn't processed.  I believe that some
organisatoric (sp?) issues have to be finished first.

Please mirror ftp.debian.org or one of its mirrors.

Sometimes ftp.debian.org is one or two days behind master.debian.org.
I don't know why - this shouldn't happen...



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