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Re: 'Frozen' boot disks

On Sat, 12 Apr 1997, Paul Wade wrote:
> 4/6/97 I put a copy at ftp.greenbush.com, look in /pub/bodisks. The files
> are dated by time of transfer, but they are the 4/4 set.
> > I have the same problem.  I had thought it may be because I mirror a
> > mirror (which in turn may not directly mirror ftp.debian.org) and so my
> > mirror was effectively a few days behind.  However I just checked on
> > ftp.debian.org and it really is empty so....
> > 
> > Where are they then?

So my next question then is: is not ftp.debian.org the authoritative
source for the Debian Distribution?  i.e. I seek to maintain a mirror of
ftp.debian.org thinking that this will ensure I have an up-to-date Debian
Distribution for my linux fans.  Am I doing the right thing?

Richard Shepherd (r.shepherd@waikato.ac.nz)

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