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Debian 1.3 Installation

Hi to all...,

I tried to install Debian 1.3 with the 04-04-1997 Disks and ran into
some problems...;-)))

1. I think that the iso9660 filesystem is missing in the fs part of the
module configuration...??? Or did I miss something??

2. fdisk still does not refresh the screen after writing the partition
table and I could not partition the drive the way I wanted...but I think
it's my fault.

3. dselect cdrom installation failed because /dev/mcd and/or /dev/mcdx
are not available?? How can I create them?? With which magic and

I'd like some short information about the modules during the
installation, because it's not always obvious what some of them are used

The Disks are 1.3, but can I install the packages from a 1.2.x CD and
later upgrade the packages...??? Currently I do not have Debian 1.3 on



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