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1.2.4 list of known problems

     I'm new to Debian. I've been waiting for one month to receive the
1.2.4 CD from Cheap Bytes (sent March 3rd arrived April 4th) and I'm
trying with it these days... I would not start waiting for another month
NOW to get a more recent release (and the WEB says they're still selling 
1.2.4 CDs). 
     I tried installing anything just already marked at first entry in
dselect (just had to de-select perl-base), but I read "overriding" 
messages during install and afterwards I had complains about configuration
of some packages, which I type here by hand: 



     I didn't see any message at install-time saying that the release may
have such problems, so I was thinking that if anybody had tried it before
releasing it I should have anything working clean. 

     -----> Please, is there a list of known problems and related
behaviours (that is "consider it unusable"/"do this and this to
fix"/"ignore safely this message")? 

     Thanks in advance. I'll be more concise afterwards when I'll put some
more (minor) questions/wishes later, just hope not to get flames for
"silly" questions. I'm learning on some books and I'm reading docs, but it
takes time, I haven't arrived at goal yet but still would like to have
Debian well setup and running on my system. 

     Nicola Bernardelli <n.bern@mail.protos.it>
     You can use <nbern@mail.protos.it> for messages not coming from
any kind of robot, such as mailing lists. From that address some
autoresponse messages may return when I'm not at home.

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