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problem with base disks


When choosing /dev/fd0 to install base system (after successfully
initializing all partitions) install script doesn't seem to give
'/dev/fd0' as parameter to floppy_merge (error message about correct
usage of floppy_merge and another about not being able to extract base
system files from '.'

Distribution is the current unstable one.
Only problem from hardware side that I can think of is L2 cache that
seems to be faulty (disabled from BIOS, is it enough?).
No, it's not Cyrix processor, it's AMD 486 100, overclocked, but has no
problems with overheating.
other: vesa mb, vesa i/o/ide controller.

On the same computer there's FreeBSD running just fine.
Also, I have installed Deb 1.1.4 (or smth) several times with no problems.

Or, if problem is unknown, how can I get the base system from another fs
(the 'prev. mounted fs'), is it the bo/binary/base/* that it needs? (I
tar'ed it to dos partition, and copied to /target/bleh/* ... giving him
/target/bleh/ as the directory of base packets caused script to give some
seg.faults or just to restart from beginning)

Can't think of anymore useful information ;)

Mart Klanberg,

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