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Re: newbie nerd

> Lets say there was this guy building a 486 computer for a church intranet
> and he wanted to run Linux.
> Would he :

What are you going to us this machine for ?

If you are going to use it for a web server for the intranet,
  just load linux.

If you have some other purpose in mind

  just load linux, unless you need to run some special dos apps
  investigate dosemu...

> can a soldered CPU be unsoldered by a proand upgraded to lets say a 586 or
> higher?
> This guy has no clue what is going on.

This is a bad idea.  The pentium chip needs a collection of support chips 
call a chip set and they are different than the 486 chip set.  There is also
the memory width problem.  The memory bus of the 486 is 32bit the pentium 
is 64.

Buy a new motherboard.

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