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Re: "dselect" replacement project ("deity")

Ok here goes, I looked at the list of stuff available for debian and I 
thought I knew a thing or too about Linux until I ordered this debian 
cdrom.  I run an ISP and a Linux user group.  However I just cannot seem 
to get debian's dselect correctly.  I get through the conflict resolution 
and then after installing the packages I get more conflicts.  I think 
that there are several problems

1. The interface is a problem
   too complicated, I am having trouble (I have been running linux since 
pre 0.99.

2. Once the conflicts have been resolved, they should be resolved and 
should not come up again.

3. Do not through out the idea of haveing different modes, 
   1 for experts 2 for beginers etc. (at least kick it around)

4 A easier way to force an install that you know will not conflict.

5 Make it friendly to new people with less experience.  Even if you need 
to get the janitor to install it to see if it is too complicated.


I am not trying to wine or complain, I realy think that these things need 
to be addressed.  Remember the last time you got bored with that nascar 
race on TV,  They go round and round the same time each lap, it was boring.

It takes a pro to make it look that easy!!!!!!

I want to thank everyone on the deity team in advance.  I wish I could be 
on it.  But I am not enough of an expert programmer yet.  

If more people give you input, the product you craft will be that much better
So come on people start talking !

On Fri, 11 Apr 1997, Brian C. White wrote:

> It is my pleasure to announce the formation of the dselect replacement project,
> code-named "deity".  The project will be made up of the following 7 people:

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